BLCC: Bunyad Literacy Community Council (Pakistan)

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  • Brief History
  • On Going Porjects/Studies
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BUNYAD envisions a literate, enlightened, tolerant and just society in which all individuals enjoy equal rights and opportunities to realize their full potential in striving to attain both individual and collective goals to improve their communities, especially rural families, focusing on women and children, so they have a better tomorrow.


Empowerment of under-privileged, marginalized groups particularly rural women and children through Literacy, Education, Gender Justice, Employability and Economics to improve their standard of life and to enhance their capacity to be self dependent as well as to strengthen the social development process in communities through multi-sectoral programmes, targeting the marginalized communities. It aims to promote EFA (Education for all) and to encourage the ignored communities to join the mainstream by building their capacities and work for the continued progress of the country.

Main Function of the Organization: (Duty and Tasks):

Aim To strengthen the social development process in communities through multi-sectoral programmes, targeting the marginalized, especially women and children.

  • Non Formal education
  • Adult Education
  • Women Empowerment
  • Health/ Awareness
  • ECCE
  • Child Labour
  • CLCs
  • Primary School Formal System
  • Quality Education
  • Main Streaming NFE learners to next level of learning _ to Formal Education
  • Capacity Building of Public/ nongovernmental organization and individuals
  • Material Development

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Brief Histroy

Bunyad Literacy Community Council (BLCC) is a Non-governmental, non-political and non profit NGO founded in 1994 by a group of like-minded persons who wanted to make a difference in alleviating poverty and empowering the people to improve their quality of life through literacy, as the first step to development. Taking steps to narrow the void between urban & rural quality of life of families. Started in 1992 as a project involving networking of NGO for the promotion of literacy in Hafizabad district, the program led to the realization of the critical issues of non-attendance of girls in formal schools and the large numbers of drop outs and the need for quality education as an essential ingredient in assisting the country to reach the EFA (Education for all) goal. Becoming aware that quality of life of marginalized communities, especially of women & children, required many interventions & strategies, BUNYAD was registered in 1994 with the Social Welfare Department, with a mandate to work all over in the Province of Punjab. Bunyad sought to deliver education to girls & young mothers in the rural areas, through non- Formal methodology and developed a non-formal education model, for children, adolescent girls & adult women. Bunyad has gradually expanded itself both in geographical areas of operation as well as its thematic areas. BUNYAD has constructed ICE -Institute of Community Education, for ongoing trainings. 2 Training spaces were also constructed in Hafizabad & Sialkot, to give permanency to their vision. Community development was essential for sustainability of any rural program & this became the practice of BUNYAD for all interventions. It is presently active in 18 districts of the province of Punjab and particularly in more than 2,000 villages, keeping the focus on Union Councils as the focal place for change. Building Social Capital became the main thrust of BUNYAD & in addition to literacy and non-formal education, included projects in such as child labor, women's empowerment for poverty alleviation, saving and micro credit, community development, integrated farming, sanitation, health of mother & new born child, reproductive health, Gender Justice at the door -step, clean water awareness, environment, Disaster Management & Rehabilitation of the disadvantaged came on the anvil as the requirements of the Communities were aired. Bunyad has an experienced Team of Master trainer, who has provided trainings throughout Pakistan.

BLCC's goal is to build Social Capital, to empower marginalized communities and groups through their participation for their self development. The corner stone is literacy and education which not only enable us to achieve the EFA goals & the benchmarks of MDG's but also for the overall socio-economic development of a country. The best way for sustainable development is the 3-pronged thrust of literacy, community capacity building and micro-credit, as essential factors in poverty alleviation, integrating women & older children at all levels.

Bunyad is active in 20 districts of Punjab namely Rahim Yar Khan, Hafizabad, Muzaffargarh, Multan, Sialkot, Lahore, Mandi Bah-Ud-Din, Khushab, Rawalpindi, Khanewal, Bahawalpur, Nankana Sahib, Mianwali, Lodhran, Gujranwala, Sargodha, Faisalabad, Sheikhupura, Narowal and Jhang. Working directly & with partners throughout the province of Punjab.

Awards, Honors and Press

The achievements of Bunyad have been recognized at the national, regional and international levels. Bunyad's has been awarded the

  • Comminius Medal, UNESCO, Paris, 1998 for innovative work in literacy
  • Presidential Award of Aizaz-e-Fazilat for literacy promotion, Government of Pakistan, Education Department, 1998
  • Special Award for Promotion of Literacy, 2001, Pakistan Literacy Commission
  • King Sejong Prize, UNESCO, Paris, 2002 for the best NGO for promotion ofliteracy
  • Best Provincial NGO Award, 2002, Punjab Commission for Literacy for EFA
  • Bunyad has its own Head & field offices & Training Centers in different districts of Punjab

Major Research Porjects/Studies in 2011-2015

  • Brick Kilns (UNICEF)
  • Camel Jockey Children (UNICEF)
  • Mobile Literacy (UNESCO)
  • PAIMAN Project (USAID/JSI)
  • One Million Points of Light (Private Donor)
  • Musalihat Anjumans (Local Govt.)
  • Child Friendly Spaces in Flood Areas (UNICEF)
  • CLC's (UNESCO)
  • Micro Finance(PPAF)
  • Temporary Learning Centers ( UNICEF)


  • Short Courses (3 weeks/ Months) for SM; NGO; practitioners etc.
  • Development of CO for improvement in Health, Water, Education & etc.
  • Application of ICT tools In Female Project with collaboration of different Donor organizations
  • Identify policy and implementation issues and address them
  • Disaster Management at District level
  • Tne Million Points of Light (OML) AE for Rural Female Adolescents
  • Micro Finance(PPAF)Rural Female Literacy
  • CLC+ Community Learning Centers one in every cluster of 10 AE's
  • OML ...Adolescents women's centers
  • Mobile Literacy --- Rural Female Adolescents
  • Microbe Literacy...creating demand
  • Special designed material's=Text books + Post Literacy Material
  • Brick kiln's Mothers/siblings learning
  • Committees involvement + value added link with Line Depts/others
  • Take them on further : skills, hygiene, awareness, livestock etc
  • Linkages with sub-Regional NGO's
  • Net working with Public Sector
  • Sustained centers
  • Developing CD's for TOT + Post Literacy books and other material

Target Group

Country/Sub- region/RegionTarget groups
Punjab Province of Pakistan Children, women , youth and Adult females and communities







Materials Available

Teaching and learning materials

  • Books
  • Poster
  • Brochures
  • Software
  • E-learning

Training manuals for

  • Teachers/Facilities
  • Communitie
  • Supervisors


  • Periodical/newsletter
  • Project reports
  • Research papers
  • Case-studies

Languages of Resources Available

  • Urdu
  • English

Type of Activities Offer to Help Others

  • Web site connectivity
  • Implementation of Recommendations made in Asia Pacific Program ( 7. May.2009)
  • Training workshops for : NFE/AE/CLC/ Post Literacy/CE/ Material Development
  • Linkages with the ICT section..for greater sharing with other members.
  • Allowing membership of ARTC in other areas, where population large
  • Exchange visits cum workshops, at sub-regional level.
  • Curriculum of Adult Education
  • Share the expertise and approaches of Women Empowerment
  • Gender Equality
  • Share the curriculum and material regarding Education, Literacy, ECCE, Health, Women etc
  • Share the best practices of CLC through exposure visit
  • Sharing of success stories

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Number of CLCs run by your organization: 113

Number of CLCs indirectly supported by the organization: 90








Networks & Partners

International organizations:

  • ILO
  • UNDP
  • PPAF
  • Government of Punjab


  • ARTC
  • ICAE


  • PCW
  • PEW

Contact Information

Focal point for ARTC: (Name and Title) MS SHAHEEN ATTIQ-UR-REHMAN
Address: 226 Munir Road Lahore Cantt Lahore PAK
Tel: 92-42-35600293-36661817
Fax: 977-1-5541689
Email: /
Facebook/Twitter: Bunyad Foundation