Formation & Objectives of ARTC


How was the ARTC established?

The APPEAL Resource and Training Consortium (ARTC) was initiated in May 1997 at a Technical Working Group Meeting organized by APPEAL in cooperation with the India Institute of Education (IIE) in order for Member States to provide technical support and assistance to APPEAL.

Attended by selected institutions which are active in the promotion of literacy and basic education for all in the countries of the region, the meetings deliberated on ways and means of strengthening and enhancing support for human resource development and training essential for effective promotion of EFA and lifelong learning within the framework of APPEAL.


What are the ARTC's aims and functions?

The aim of ARTC is provided technical support and assistance to the work of APPEAL in the participating Member States. It is an inter-country co-operative mechanism designed to support and facilitate APPEAL's mission to reach the goal of EFA and lifelong learning in the Asia and Pacific region. It is comprised of selected institutions in both governmental and non-governmental sectors that are engaged in the promotion of EFA and lifelong learning. Its main functions are:

  • To promote and popularize the mission and goals of APPEAL in the Asia-Pacific region
  • To provide technical support technical support and contribute towards capacity-building and enhancing technical expertise necessary for the effective promotion of EFA and lifelong learning in the region
  • To serve as the resource and training base for undertaking inter-country collaborative programmes
  • To participate in and undertake action research and case studies, with emphasis on grassroots participation that focuses on critical areas of EFA and lifelong learning
  • To promote the sharing/exchange of experiences and insights on EFA among the Consortium's member institutions.