INRULED: International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (People's Republic of China)

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The mission of INRULED is to promote sustainable socio-economic development in rural areas through educational research, training and extension activities, by bringing about positive changes in thinking and behavior of rural people, who make up the majority of the world's population.

Main Function of the Organization: (Duty and Tasks):

  • To promote international research and development of methods and techniques of rural education;
  • To promote consultation and cooperation among member states by devising policies and strategies in the areas of human resource development for rural areas;
  • To create a wide network for exchange of academic and technical information in the field of rural education among experts in various countries;
  • To coordinate cooperative research activities and provide expertise, advice, and facilities for laboratory research and field work to international experts;
  • To organize international training workshops and seminars on special subjects and provide fellowships for international research;
  • To produce and disseminate publications and materials for the various projects undertaken by the Centre.

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Brief Histroy

In order to realize the goal of Education for All (EFA), especially Education for All (EFA) in rural areas, the International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) was jointly founded by Chinese government and UNESCO on Nov. 8, 1994, following the resolution (DR159) adopted in the 27th Session of UNESCO General Conference in 1993, and it was located in Baoding, Hebei Province, China. In 2008, INRULED was relocated to Beijing and based in Beijing Normal University to better serve the member states of UNIECO.





Major Research Porjects/Studies in 2011-2015

  • Skills for Rural Development
  • Education for Rural transformation
  • Gender Empowerment and Leadership in Developing Countries
  • Rural Teacher's professional development and teacher support system to build a supportive false work for rural teachers.
  • TVET for Rural Development in Transition Countries





Target Group

Country/Sub- region/RegionTarget groups
Programme coverage in Bangladesh – 46 Districts and 152 Upazilas (sub-district) DAM has been mainly serving the poor and vulnerable people. Poorest of the poor are included in some of its specific programme interventions. However, it serves the entire community and the people at large in conformity with its mission and the services are rendered through various programmes and development interventions in response to the felt needs.
Dhaka Ahsania Mission Pakistan Dhaka Ahsania Mission-Pakistan has been implementing various programme activities. During the year 2010-2011, a total of 8 projects on priority basis given direct benefits to the rural people in the programme areas through its Community Learning Centres (CLCs) and Vocational Training Centre.

Materials Available

Teaching and learning materials

  • Books
  • Posters
  • Brochures


  • Periodical/newsletter
  • Project reports
  • Research papers
  • Case-studies

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Languages of Resources Available

English and Chinese

Type of Activities Offer to Help Others

  • Research
  • Training
  • Workshop
  • Seminars
  • Forum
  • Meetings
  • Field study
  • Information dissemination

Networks & Partners


  • Network of UNESCO Category II Centres;
  • Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine;
  • UNESCO Institute for Lisfelong Learning(UIL);
  • UNESCO International Institute for Capacity Building in Africa (IICBA);
  • Department of Youth Development and Agricultural Education, Purdue University
  • Institute of International Education, Stockholm University




  • Ministry of Education of the P. R. China;
  • Chinese National Commission for UNESCO;
  • Beijing Normal University

Contact Information

Focal point for ARTC: (Name and Title) Mr. Dong Qi, Director
Tel: +86 10 58801920
Fax: +86 10 58801920