Nepal: National Resource Center for Non-Formal Education (NRC-NFE), Nepal and Literacy Resource Center (LRC)

  • Vision, Mission Main Function and Activities
  • Brief History
  • On Going Porjects/Studies
  • Good Activities Cases
  • Target Group
  • Materials/Publications
  • CLCs
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National Resource Center for Non_Formal Education briefly known as NRC_NFE currently member of ARTC network working in Nepal for the promotion of education for all throughout of school mode and distance education and other many method through many suited for different groups according to their needs and circumstances, like open education, distance education, whatever it is suited. For promotion of Community Empowerment and decentralization in true sense to the people establishing Community Learning Center to empower the people in village and decentralize power effectively.


  • Provide education to people who deprived from education and who missed the chance to attend the regular school.
  • Integrating education with income to achieve economic independence and integrate education with quality of life to improve quality of life in village of Nepal.
  • Providing education for sustainable development for promoting and preserving natural resources
  • Undertaking research studies, case studies, evaluation studies on promotion and development of literacy and NFE programms.
  • Developments of Curriculum as per need of different people situated their needs and disseminate to the CLC and local government and different government agencies.
  • Publication of books, documents, posters and electronic materials to set an example how local material can be generate local materials.
  • Providing technical support to government agencies, UNESCO and other NGOS to provide education for all and poverty alleviation of all people
  • Organizing program for handicapped and other people who normally can't to go school and provide the scholarship.

Main Function of the Organization: (Duty and Tasks):

  • Advocacy through publication and meeting for achieve Education for All and poverty alleviation.
  • Curriculum development and materials suited to different people's need and problem.
  • Organization of Out of School Children Program (OSP), Flexible Schooling Program (FSP), and Literacy, Post literacy and Non Formal Education for all people, so that they can join their suitable classes.
  • Training of teacher and village leaders especially women leader to encourage people aware of cultural heritages.
  • Promote new technology to promote education in changing technology in world.

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Brief Histroy

It has short history beginning in 1992 CEFA and 1995 NRC_NFE. It has been able to help Banepa Municipality to promote education for all and new technology for development. In this way it helped to achieve education and development. In 2000 it went to villages of Rupandehi and Kapilbastu and it set up Community Learning Center to achieve local people's power and decentralization in true sense. This has become the model for the government and other NGOs, the government and NGO have set up 2000 CLCs so far. The government has planned to set up 6000 CLCs covering all VDCs and Municipality of wards. We are still providing support to government to achieve education for all and poverty alleviation.

Awards, Honors and Press

We have been praised by National media. We have submitted UNESCO award to UNESCO but government substituted our name and got UNESCO award. Secondly, we have also submitted for WISE award in Doha but it did not succeed because late. We will submit for UNESCO award for library and WISE award and many other awards whether we succeed or fail.

Major Research Porjects/Studies in 2011-2015

The following major programme/activities have been implementing under Nepal community Learning Center project (World Terakoya Movement)

  • Activities for achieving EFA and MDG goal through Advocacy
  • Activities for promoting NFE mode of learning program
  • Activities for improving quality of life of the village people.
  • Capacity building training program for managing CLC.
  • Providing technical support to the government for upgrading CLCs and expansion of CLC model nationwide for the promotion of NFE/LLF and CLC system in Nepal.




Target Group

Country/Sub- region/RegionTarget groups
Nepal/Rupandehi / Kapivastu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur District Whole community including adults, youth, children, women, disadvantaged, marginalized people of the community
Nepal as a whole Providing technical support for promotion of NFE and CLC in Nepal. Target groups : Government staffs, CLC personnel, facilitators etc






Materials Available

Teaching and learning materials

  • Books
  • Poster
  • Games
  • Brochures
  • Audio Visuals
  • Software
  • E-learning
  • Ohter (Flip Charts, Case studies)

Training manuals for

  • Teachers/Facilities
  • Communitie
  • Supervisors
  • Management
  • Ohters [prop proposal writing, Entrepreneurship]


  • Project reports
  • Research papers
  • Case-studies

Languages of Resources Available

  • Nepali
  • English
  • Local Language
  • Type of Activities Offer to Help Others

    • ARTC, Nepal can support to South Asian countries on training to CLC personnel in Nepal.


Number of CLCs run by your organization: 16 CLCs in Rupandehi, Kapilvastu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur District

Number of CLCs indirectly supported by the organization: 2000 CLCs all over Nepal








Networks & Partners

International organizations:

  • ACCU
  • JICA
  • UNESCO Bangkok
  • Kathmandu
  • UNESCO Paris
  • ARTC
  • UMN
  • Save the children
  • World Education
  • Rotary International


  • LRC members of Asia Pacific (Eighteen countries)

Sub Regional:

  • LRC members of Asia Pacific (Eighteen countries)


  • NFEC
  • Education Department
  • Health Department
  • Ministry of forest
  • Ministry of Local Development
  • Agriculture Department
  • Social welfare council
  • CERID different National NGOS
  • Development organizations and Line Agencies

Contact Information

Focal point for ARTC: (Name and Title) Mr. Thakur Man Sakya, President
Address: Talchhikhel, Satdobato
Tel: 977-1-5534416
Fax: 977-1-5541689