Back Adult Literacy Gender Equality Quality of Education Community Learning Centres (CLCs) Cultural diversity/heritage Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Equivalency Programme Human Resource Development Lifelong Learning Lifeskills Education Poverty alleviation Public health Rural Development Secondary Education Teacher Training and Education
Advocacy/awareness raising Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Building Information System/Database/Website       Yes       Yes          
Curriculum Development/Review       Yes       Yes      
Capacity-building /training for providers (Govt., NGOs and other stakeholders) Yes     Yes     Yes                
Capacity-building /training for teachears/facilitators (TOT) Yes     Yes                      
Manual/Handbook development Yes     Yes                    
Monitoring and evaluation       Yes                    
Networking Yes     Yes                    
Organizing meetings/conferences Yes     Yes                      
Programme assessment Yes     Yes                    
Programme implementation                              
Publications (reports, case study, research)/Journals       Yes                      
Providing technical assistance for planning and implementation Yes     Yes                 Yes    
Teaching and learning materials development Yes     Yes                
Training and workshops for learners (one-time/temporal) Yes     Yes                
Research/study       Yes