UNEVOC: Association "Education for all in Kazakhstan/UNEVOC Centre" (Kazakhstan)

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To promote the achievement of EFA goals and sustainable development through enhancing participation, contributing to policy and stimulating action.


Contribute to modernising education and training in Kazakhstan by providing objective, focused quality information and expert services in the field of education and labour market, related to EFA, LLL, TVET through research and training.

Main Function of the Organization: (Duty and Tasks):

  • Focus on addressing problems in the field of education and in the social sphere.
  • Study the national and international experience, prepare reports, comparative reviews, publications,
  • Dissemination of the results through a variety of training activities.
  • Organization of national, sub-regional and international events - conferences, workshops and policy seminars.
  • Implementing research and analytical projects in Kazakhstan, CA countries in collaboration with national and international organisations (Ministries of education, social welfare, UNDP, UNESCO, ETF, EU Delegation in Kazakhstan, employers' organisations, etc.).

Brief Histroy

Association “Education for all in Kazakhstan” is a non-governmental organization officially registered in 2002. Since 1996 prior to the registration the organisation was functioning as National Observatory in Kazakhstan - a working arm of the European Training Foundation established in 1996 under the agreement between the Government of Kazakhstan and European Training Foundation.

In 2000 the Association was nominated a UNEVOC Centre.

Since 2002 - member of Asia and South Pacific Programme for Education for all Resource and Training Consortium

Experts of the Association have established links with the National Agency for statistics, Ministries, leading research institutes and centres, educational and training institutions, social partners, NGOs and employers' organisations (Kazakhstan Confederation of Employers, Academy of Education, Almaty Association of Entrepreneurship, etc.) and international organizations. Experts are continuously involved in designing and commenting important national documents related to the policy and practice of education, social protection, labour market situation in Kazakhstan.

Association is also acting as a UNEVOC Centre (International Project on Technical and Vocational Education of UNESCO) and has established close contacts with other donors such as UNESCO, the Soros Foundation and the Asian Development Bank. It has good links with governmental organizations, social partners, educational institutions, NGOs and international organizations

Awards, Honors and Press

In 2000 the Association was awarded UNEVOC Centre Award by UNESCO-UNEVOC International Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (Bonn, Germany) in recognition of being a UNEVOC Centre dedicated to furthering UNESCO goals in the area of technical and vocational education and training.

Target Group

Country/Sub- region/RegionTarget groups
Kazakhstan/Central Asia Vulnerable groups (youth, including unemployed; women, including disabled), TVET experts, teachers, administration.






Materials Available

Teaching and learning materials

  • Brochures

Training manuals for

  • Teachers/Facilities
  • Communities
  • Supervisors
  • Management


  • Project reports
  • Research papers

Languages of Resources Available

Russian and some - in English.

Types of activities in which your organization can support other countries in the region: Expert services and consultancy on LMA, Development of competence based standards, development of life skills.


Number of CLCs run by the organization: 8

Number of CLCs indirectly supported by the organization: 8








Networks & Partners


  • UNDP


  • ACCU Japan
  • European Training Foundation (ETF)

Sub Regional:

  • EU Delegation in Kazakhstan


  • Ministry of Education and Science
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Protection
  • Employers' organisations
  • Almaty and Karaganda regional authorities

Contact Information

Focal point for ARTC: (Name and Title) Association "Education for All in Kazakhstan"
Address: Gogol str, 84A, office 416, Almaty
Tel: +7 727 266 94 07
Fax: +7 727 266 39 56
Email: nc@tempuskaz.kz