“The Accidental Alien” Synopsis: NEW COMEDY MOVIES

When a bumbling, small-town farmer accidentally launches himself into space, he crash-lands on a distant planet inhabited by aliens who mistake him for a legendary hero prophesied to save their world. Hilarity ensues as he tries to navigate their advanced society while desperately trying to find a way back to Earth.

“Mismatched in Manhattan” Synopsis: NEW COMEDY MOVIES

In this quirky romantic comedy, a clumsy but endearing librarian finds herself in a series of hilariously disastrous blind dates set up by her well-meaning but clueless friends. As she navigates the chaotic world of modern dating in New York City, she discovers that love might be closer than she thinks.

“The Great Pet Swap” Synopsis: NEW COMEDY MOVIES

Chaos erupts when a group of mischievous pets decide to swap owners for a day, leading to uproarious adventures and unexpected alliances. From a pampered poodle navigating life in a bachelor’s pad to a streetwise alley cat infiltrating a high-society mansion, this comedy explores the bonds between humans and their furry friends in the most absurd ways possible.

“Office Olympics” Synopsis: NEW COMEDY MOVIES

Tired of the mundane corporate grind, a group of office workers decides to spice up their workday by organizing their own version of the Olympics inside their office building. From stapler tosses to paper airplane javelin throws, watch as these cubicle-bound athletes compete for glory, all while trying to avoid their oblivious boss’s scrutiny.

“The Misadventures of the Wedding Planner” Synopsis: NEW COMEDY MOVIES

When an overeager but hopelessly clumsy wedding planner lands her dream job coordinating a high-profile celebrity wedding, chaos ensues as she navigates through a series of comedic mishaps, including wardrobe malfunctions, cake disasters, and runaway bridesmaids. Can she pull off the wedding of the century, or will her antics result in matrimonial mayhem?

“Supermarket Shenanigans” Synopsis: NEW COMEDY MOVIES

In this slapstick comedy, a group of eccentric employees at a struggling supermarket band together to save their beloved store from bankruptcy. From staging outrageous promotional stunts to battling rival grocery chains in epic food fights, follow along as these unlikely heroes prove that sometimes the best solutions can be found in the most unexpected places.


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